How To Make a Wooden Sign & Bottle Opener

OK y’all! I have tried so many sign making methods in the past few weeks, but this is by far, the easiest one I’ve tried. 

I tried the wax-paper transfer method, but the printer kept eating the paper.

I tried stencils, but even with a stencil,my sloppy handwriting found a way outside the lines, and it ended up looking like bad fridge art . Yep, your 6 your old probably has better handwriting than me.

Take Your Top Off! Get it? 😜

I was beyond frustrated, but one day, while at Target, inspiration struck!

The wooden block letters called to me, and I answered. Then I glued them sons o’ bitches to my sign and spray painted over them!



You don’t have to live in the South to appreciate these signs but I reckon it’d help if you did!

What you’ll need for the beer opener sign:

A wooden sign.You can make your own if you’re so inclined. I got mine at a craft store for $4.

Wood stain- shade of your choice-water based

Spray paint 

Wooden block letters

Glue stick (liquid glue is pictured but I found the glue stick to work better)

Electric sander (optional)


Bottle opener kit ( I purchased mine at Home Depot for $4.99 and it came with the screws)

What you’ll do:

Stain your sign and let it dry

Mark where you want to place the bottle opener with pencil

Glue and apply your woodblock letters

Spray paint the whole sign and let dry

Remove the letters ( I use needle nose pliers)

Sand to distress (optional)

Drill holes according to instructions on bottle opener kit

Screw it! 

Y’all, I’m pleased as punch with how my bottle opener sign turned out, and I’m even happier that it gives me the excuse to buy that pink drill I’ve been eyeing! #HammersAndHeels


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